“Truly high adventure. When given the challenge and solid examples, young folks pushed to their depths grow right in front of your eyes.”
- Jon F., Evangeline Area Council
“You guys are awesome. I'm looking forward to bringing more scouts in the future."
- Ken G., Sam Houston Area Council
“Many thanks from the frozen bayou of MN and Troop 342. Our boys absolutely loved their experience. Hats off to your team. You guys put on a first class program!”
- David M., Northern Star Council
“A big thanks to the staff for making us feel right at home. Our scouts were exposed to some of the most beautiful area of this great county. Is was a trip that we will never forget! We are gonna miss the great food, people and hospitality in Louisiana."
- Troop 626, Chicago Area Council
“We had a great time!”
- Scott B., Istrouma Area Council
“You will never view the swamp the same way again.”
- Anonymous
“I thought overall it was an incredible trip, glad that we decided to pick this trip. I hope that my guys acquire a new respect for nature and the impact we make on it.”
- Steve De La Cruz, Chicago Area Council
“The airboat trip was awesome, and the fishing was amazing! It was an awesome trip!”
- Matthew H., Evangeline Area Council
“Really good program. This program is right up there with Philmont and Northern Tier.”
- Patrick H., Evangeline Area Council
“Paddling through the beautiful cypress, seeing egrets, blue herons, and alligators was very cool.”
- Shawn K., Capitol Area Council
“It was a great trip, not expensive, and I learned a lot from the whole thing.”
- Mason S., Capitol Area Council
“It was a very majestic and fun journey.”
- Jack B., Northern Star Council
“It was all an amazing experience to see what “The Swamp” was really all about.”
- Brandon B., Capitol Area Council
“Paddling through cypress was the coolest ever. Seeing gators (21) on our way to Island Outpost was awesome! The portage… wasn’t bad at all.”
- Caleb K., Capitol Area Council
“Come out and see the real swamp.”
- Caleb K., Capitol Area Council
“Very diverse. Lots of gators, and I loved the cypress trees.”
- Andrew J., Capitol Area Council
“Break your preconceptions of a swamp and come live it yourself!”
- Andrew J., Capitol Area Council
“We had fun using Atchafalaya for everything, Atchafalayak, Atchafafork, Atchafabug, Atchafalaxin.”
- Anonymous
“Come see what the swamp is about. It’s not what you’ve seen on TV."
- Brandon B., Capitol Area Council
“The trek is something to be proud of when finished and just a great experience.”
- Anonymous
“We could not have had a more polite, energetic, knowledgeable, or helpful guide. Off the charts excellence!”
- Marc L., Sam Houston Area Council
“Swamp Base provides a firsthand look at nature's beauty as well as the impact that we make on it.”
- Steve De La Cruz, Chicago Area Council
“This was a great experience for the Scouts and Leaders. After this trek, I have a different view of the swamp and the people.”
- Anonymous
“I would recommend Swamp Base to all Scouts.”
- Darin Evans, Atlanta Area Council
“The trail experience was really fantastic. There was a great mix of open water and wooded area paddling.”
- Raymond H., Chicago Area Council
“A fun experience that will change your life."
- John M., Capitol Area Council
“Philmont is over $1,000… this trek is a great bargain!”
- Marc L., Sam Houston Area Council
"The trek surpassed all my expectation in terms of quality experience; amazing guide; once in a lifetime wilderness experience, staff, food, etc."
- Marc L., Sam Houston Area Council
"This is a trip you will never forget!"
- Ethan H., Chicago Area Council
"Swamp Base was not only an exciting and challenging adventure. It was also a great education concerning Cajun culture and the importance of the swamp and watershed.”
- Raymond H., Chicago Area Council
"It may be hard, you will get wet. But in the end you won't regret it!"
- John H., Evangeline Area Council
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