Trek Day 5

17.6 miles, Island Outpost to Myette Point trail end with Swamp Stomp Portage

For many, the highlight of the week long journey comes on Day 5 with most of the day being spent paddling through the big trees and waters of Lake Fausse Pointe and Grand Lake. Surrounding the lake are hundreds of large cypress trees, some over 1,000 years old. These trees were spared cutting due to their hollow or poor wood. These “trash” trees are some of the widest in the state and represent Louisiana’s equivalent to the sequoias of California.

After paddling amongst giants, the crew will portage over the levee at Fish Island. From here they will paddle through narrow bayous towards Grand Lake, a very shallow lake which is home to hundreds of wading birds. The trek finishes by paddling to Myette Point near Charenton, LA, home to the Chitimacha Tribe. Note: The second portage of the trek again takes Scouts up and over the 25’ high levee and includes the "Swamp Stomp." This portage, though only 800 feet long, is not easy due to excessive mud and water. Though a highlight for many, securing good footing is very difficult. Tennis shoes or boots are required to complete this portage, as water shoes will not stay on. Physical conditioning prior to arriving is recommended.

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