Trek Awards

Swamp Base Trek Award
Finishing Swamp Trek is no small task, but for those who conquer the swamp, they are awarded with the Swamp Base Trek Award. The patch represents the Swamp Base experience and features a real alligator’s tooth dangling from a tall, mysterious cypress tree.

The Swamp Base Trek Award patch was designed to resemble the silhouettes of the moss covered old growth cypress trees found throughout the swamp. Included at the base of the patch is the apex predator of the area, the American alligator. The skull of of a cow's head represent Tête la Vache, which means "Cow's head" in French. The Tête la Vache marks the height of the high water mark of the Flood of 1927, an event that dramatically impacted the swamp and life in South Louisiana.   

50-Miler Award
At over sixty miles in length, a Swamp Base trek easily qualifies participants for the 50-Miler Award. The portion of the 50-Miler’s required service hours can be scheduled in the Scout unit's community in order to fulfill the requirement. Swamp Base recommends water quality service projects that tie into what the Scouts learn during their high adventure treks.


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