October 2022

PREAUX TIPS: All Around Wellness


This week’s PREAUX TIP is from a former-three-time Trek Advisor! (That’s right, 3x in the Swamp for a total of 184.8 miles!!) He has a handful of great considerations for any high adventure trek. They are things that we don’t often think of and categorized them into physical, intellectual, and emotional wellness.

One of the reasons high adventure is so unique is because it safely forces us out of our comfort zone. In that space we find growth, unforgettable memories, new traits about ourselves and our Scouts, and a ton of fun. It’s an incredible experience. However, there can and will be moments of stress, fatigue, and discomfort. It’s when we overcome the “tough stuff” that we can look back at all that has been accomplished. It is important to be aware that Scouts and other adults on the trek need to possess some degree of physical, intellectual, and emotional wellness or when we can step in to help them. Check out the tips below!

  •   Physical Wellness
    •  I am rarely concerned about my scouts being able to paddle for 61.6 miles. 
    •  Adults on the other hand often overestimate their abilities and should participate in a practice/training trip before attending.
  •   Intellectual Wellness
    •  Do they make good decision when camping?
    •  Can the follow directions?
  •   Emotional Wellness
    •  On the trail there will be moments of… growth and learning. Everyone needs to get along with one another when it is not always easy to.
    •  Scouts who outburst in anger or traditionally push back against leadership may struggle.



PREAUX TIPS: Pre-Trek Checklist


This week’s Preaux Tip is another tool that makes a Trek Advisor’s life easier! So kick your feet up and enjoy the fact that you don’t have to sweat the small stuff. The Pre-Trek Checklist was created to ensure you know what you need and when you need it. Each of the 15 points cover items required to participate in your Swamp Base trek. They range from health checks to swim tests and trainings to payments!

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