Base Camp

Swamp Base is currently in the middle of a $35 million capital and endowment campaign for the future home of the program. This campaign is focused on establishing a permanent base facility for Swamp Base. Concepts for the base facility include a state of the art multi-functional welcome center, educational facility, dining hall, and lodging. In addition, the campaign will secure the design and construction of multiple research houseboats that will be utilized by the high adventure treks and other user groups.

As the program grows, Swamp Base will begin offering access to its facilities and resources for students and researchers with universities from across the country. These environmental and cultural researchers will spend a week or more at the base facility, on the research houseboats, or on Island Outpost in Lake Fausse Pointe.

Swamp Base is also focused on the inclusion of primary and secondary school children. These students will work on wetlands based curriculum at their schools and then take fieldtrips to the Atchafalaya in order to experience their studies through hands-on service learning initiatives.

Also planned for the development of Swamp Base is for the facility to be universally accessible. This will allow for Swamp Base to be available to host thousands of special needs youth throughout the South.

Ultimately, through the combined use by Scouts, university students, primary and secondary students, special needs groups, and organizations and corporations, Swamp Base will immerse over 20,000 people annually in the Atchafalaya Swamp!

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