PREAUX TIPS: Are paddle gloves right for your high adventure trek?

We are excited to be unveiling our new, weekly Preaux Tips (pronounced “pro”) series. Each of these is inteneded to help ensure a safe and successful trek. Use them as part of your Scout meetings and trainings. While no one tip will make your trek a sucess, these are great tools to keep in mind!For our first week, we discuss if PADDLE GLOVES are aright for you! 1. Your trek should not be the first time you use your paddling gloves. Wear them on your practice paddles, while cutting the grass, or even when riding your bike. 2. Paddling gloves only prevent blisters if you keep them fry. Don’t catch minnows with your gloves on. 3. Should you decide gloves aren’t for you, changing hand positions on the paddle can be another great way to prevent blisters. 4. If you begin to develop blisters, remove your gloves and treat the blisters with items from your first aid kit. Do not put your gloves back on until your hands have healed. 5. Lastly, if you’re looking for some wicked tan line, paddling gloves are great for you! LOL!
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